Dear Families,

As you have heard from the Premier this week, 7th July, we are now in Stage 3 lockdown.

School holidays have been extended 1 more week so teachers can prepare for the 'possibility of returning to remote learning' in term 3.

We are waiting on further advice from the Department of Education about how this transition may look.

Teachers will return to work next week starting on Monday 13th July.

Students will return to learning the following week on Monday the 20th July.

Next week, children of essential workers will be provided with care onsite. Parents must first fill in the 'On-Site Attendance' form on the school website and be approved for care inline with the guidelines from the DET.

We are now aware that child to child/adult transmission of COVID-19 is possible, making transmission of the virus in a school setting a possibility.

How student learning will look like in term 3, from the 20th July, we are yet to know. As soon as we are informed from the Department of Education we will inform you and keep you updated.

In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns please contact us via the school email address meadow.heights.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au.

I ask that you do not contact your children's teachers this week as they are still on school holidays.

We thank you for your support during these challenging times.


Mrs Margaret Leach

School Principal


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