Tutoring Learning Initiative

The tutor team is back for 2022!


We are very excited to work with many students across the school this year.

In Semester 1 we are beginning Cycle #1. For this cycle we are working with students from Grade 1, Grade 3 and Grade 5 with a focus on either maths or reading skills.  

Assessments were completed at the beginning of the year. Based on this, students were grouped and timetabling was completed ready to begin Cycle #1.

Groups in Grade 3 and 5 will be focussing on filling gaps in knowledge and skills in place value, problem solving and number sense for students thought to be disadvantaged by remote learning during Covid Lockdown in 2020 and 2021. Grade 1 groups will be focussed on using Jolly Phonics sounds when working out unknown words. There is also a special group with students in Grade 3 and 4 in improving their literacy skills where English is not their first language.  


Rose, Canan, Sharon and Angie are looking forward to working with all the students in our program.


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