Tutoring Learning Initiative


The Tutoring Learning Initiative (TLI) Team consists of four tutors, our Literacy Co-ordinator and Assistant Principal (in consultation with Andrea, our speech pathologist):



Jane Parkin, Sharon Fynmore, Bianca Chen, Canan Ozcan


Literacy Co-Ordinator

Stacey White


Assistant Principal

Amy Backas


Term One:


In term one, tutors are targeting grade 1s, 5s and 3s for reading and 5s for writing. 

The tutors have assessed, analysed data from those assessments and grouped students, who fit the criteria for ‘being disadvantaged due to Covid-19 remote learning’, with other students with like needs.


From Week 5 of Term 1 we are starting tutoring groups and will see each small group multiple times across a 5-week cycle and then re-assess to see how they are going.  Over the 5-week period students will be monitored and goals re-assessed as they become more confident with phonological awareness, decoding, comprehension strategies and with writing skills.  Teaching foci will involve skill and strategy practice to develop the understandings required to reach goals set for any individual group.


Term Two:


The Tutoring Learning Initiative (TLI) Team are into their 2nd Cycle of tutoring groups. Later in the term around week 8, we will begin Cycle #3.

This term we are supporting and providing intensive decoding, comprehension and writing assistance for small groups from Years 5, 3 and 1.  Some extra grade 1 groups have been added and the Grade 3s are new to the program this 5-week cycle.  Cycle #3 will include the Grade 2s, as these are the students we are assessing, at the moment.


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