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The Arts with Mrs Karaca 2021 

Term 3 Remote Learning activities:


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Semester 2


At Meadow Heights Primary School, students participate in project-based learning in The Arts which includes Visual, Media and Performing Arts.Our Arts curriculum ensures students create and use different art forms, that follows the Victorian Curriculum.

Students develop knowledge and skills through a variety of applications that include drawing, painting, singing, dance, drama and music.


Students are encouraged to extend their own creative voice and express this in their visual media and performing art works by looking at various cultures, times and locations for inspiration.  

Students will apply the Elements of Arts and Principals of Design to enhance their creations.    


The Year 3/4 students will explore lines, organic shapes and colour.  Pete Cromer will be used as inspiration for students to create an Australian bird collage.  Students will use mixed media, water colour and painted paper.

Tina Lee and Indigenous artists will be used as inspiration for students to create a landscape picture.  Students will use joint compound and acrylic paint to create interesting lines, colours and textures. 

Students will also create and bring to life a Fairytale with a twist in an Arts/Turkish LOTE collaboration.


The Year 5 students will design logos for The Arts. The winning design will be featured in a variety of forms such as newsletters and emails.

Students will also create a lockdown-inspired mural using clay.


Indigenous artworks will be used to inspire the Year 6 students to complete their legacy projects.  Students will incorporate their legacy projects into a calico banner using threads and textiles.  They will also paint them on totem poles.

Students will use mixed media, recycled bottles and modelling clay to create doll-shaped planters.

Students will get the opportunity to plan, create and star in a synchronized swimming performance.






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