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Edition 1 - Term 1 Week 5

Edition 2 - Term 1 Week 11

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The prep team would like to welcome all our new students and their families to Meadow Heights Primary!

Term 2:


It’s hard to believe that Term 1 of Prep came and went and now we are talking about Term 2! The Preps have had a great start to school and have picked up class routines well. Home reading will continue this term now that they have learnt all their jolly phonics single sounds. Please ensure that your child is practising the sounds daily.


Curriculum Overview


Reading and Viewing

We had a great start to our Literacy program in Term 1 and we are looking forward to continuing that this term. We will revise all our single sounds this term and you will start to notice your child being able to read and create words by blending sounds together. Students have received a ring with their ‘decodable’ words and sounds to practise at home. Students will begin to be formally introduced to comprehension strategies such as predicting, making connections and summarising.


Now that students have learnt all their single sounds they are beginning to use sound/letter knowledge to create text (writing simple sentences with familiar words). Students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of rich writing experiences through modelled writing. Genres such as Recount and Narratives will be explicitly taught. Students will continue to be introduced to common high frequency (heart) words and taught how to spell these words through daily lessons language conventions. Furthermore, we will continue with a focus on correct letter formations as we introduce lines for the students to write on in their Writing books.

Speaking and Listening

There are daily opportunities for students to practise speaking and listening through class discussions, share time and structured developmental play.



Our numeracy focus will include:

Number & Algebra:

  • Counting and representing numbers to 20
  • 1:1 counting correspondence
  • Number formation
  • Recognition of number names
  • Subitisation (recognising and understanding ‘how many’ without having to physically count)
  • Using number lines to find more and less

Measurement & Geometry:

  • Using everyday language of time
  • Recognition of 2D shapes



This term students in Prep investigate the concept of a family. They learn to identify different members of a family and how they are connected. They identify the people in their immediate family and investigate what makes families unique.



During SHARE sessions this Term students will learn to express their emotions appropriately, solve problems, build relationships and be thoughtful class members who take responsibility and show respect.




Term 1:
It has been an exciting start to the year with students and teachers getting to know each other through our Start Up program. Our classrooms are safe and engaging learning environments where children and valued and encouraged to take risks and have a go. It has been fantastic to see the children settling into classroom routines and enjoying all aspects of school life thus far!

Literacy and Numeracy programs have kick-started with students developing their knowledge and skills through fun, interactive, hands-on learning tasks that cater to a variety of learning styles and abilities.


Play is a very important part of our curriculum that allows children to make real-life connections to their learning and encourages communication, team work and oral language.


Our S.H.A.R.E. program encourages our students to that they are part of a learning community. Each student is responsible for taking responsibility of their actions in a way that values building safe and  positive classrooms.  Student accountability encourages student learning, and helps improve academic performance and achievements.


We have also been learning about how to be safe online through our Cyber Safety program in term 1. Specialists for the year include The Arts, Physical Education and Languages: Turkish & STEM.

We have a couple of special events this term that we are eagerly looking forward to... The 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' is one.

A busy start to the year with lots more to come!

If you would like to practice the A-Z Jolly Phonics sounds at home, please use this link.



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