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Teacher: Mrs Figen Hasimoglu 


Term 3 Remote Learning activities:


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Semester 2 - 2021

FOUNDATION – Students identified happy and sad emotions along with good and bad choices. During Semester they were introduced and traced the simple greeting words such as Merhaba – Hello. They used repetitive language when participating in guided activities and use movement, gestures and pictures by singing and performing actions such as Sar Sar Makarayı. They identified family related words and matched them to images.

YEAR 1&2 – Students were introduced happy, sad, surprised, scared and angry words bilingually. They demonstrated some control of basic verb forms by writing simple repetitive modal sentences in simple past tense. Students participated in simple and familiar songs, rhymes and chants such as Temiz Ol – Be Clean. Students explained in English the meaning of everyday Turkish words, phrases and gestures, noticing which are similar or different to other known languages.

YEAR 3&4 – Students located key words and information in simple spoken and written texts such as identifying their feelings. They learnt to write sentences in simple past tense in English and Turkish. The students discussed the rules of changing the verbs into Simple Past Tense by using the Turkish past tense suffixes on the chart displayed in the class. They compared the sentence structure in English to Turkish language.

YEAR 5&6 – Students practised the check in words when participated in Turkish sessions and learnt how to use those words in a sentence in written and spoken forms. They were introduced how to use Turkish vowel harmony chart when adding the suffixes to the verbs in simple past tense. The students generated their own simple past tense sentences about their school holidays and the topics covered during Semester 1.


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