MHPS Complaints Parents Policy


  • Our school has both a desire and a responsibility to ensure that high standards of conduct are maintained by staff and students at all times, and that complaints are managed and resolved fairly, efficiently, promptly and in accordance with relative legislation. The school’s approach is related to creating a safe and supportive learning and working environment for students and staff.
  • All schools must develop local policy and procedures in accordance with the Parent Complaints Policy (interim): Resolving parent issues and concerns.
  • All schools are required to develop, maintain and publicise a fair, effective and efficient complaint-handling process, so that complaints about events or decisions at the school can be addressed.
  • The Department of Education and Training (the Department) recognises that it is in the best interest of students for there to be a trusting and cooperative relationship between parent and school. Complaints are an important way for the school community to provide information and feedback to a school. The Department considers that every complaint provides a valuable opportunity for reflection and learning.

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