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Our school prides itself in being able to meet the educational and social challenges facing our community. The parent/home school partnership is an integral part of the school ethos. Our practice has been to ensure the participation of parents through a number of forums and programs which include, our School Community Hub, our School Council, parents assisting teachers in classrooms, regular Parent /Teacher Meetings, fund raising and participation in Parent and Friends Club.  We have developed strong community links by maintaining open lines of communication at all times with all members of our rich and diverse community.

Meadow Heights Primary School provides a secure, harmonious and stimulating learning environment. We ensure all students will experience success in learning.  A comprehensive curriculum is offered to students in the all Key Learning Areas with an emphasis on Literacy and numeracy using an Integrated Curriculum approach. We do what is right for our students and we are able to explain why we do what we do.

Our ethos centres around the belief that all children can succeed and it is our responsibility to direct resources in a manner which enables all children to experience success. We have a committed group of teachers and support staff who respect and value each and every one of our students. We work hard to develop positive relationships with all of the children at Meadow Heights.

We believe that all students can progress successfully through school, we provide inclusive learning programs for all our students. Our school provides additional programs that cater for a variety of our students needs including, an English As an Additional Language, a Students with Additional Needs program, enrichment programs and an Excursions and Camping programs.

Meadow Heights has a positive reputation within its community. We are proud of our school and I would encourage any prospective employee or parent to come and have a tour of our school. We believe that from the moment you enter the school, you will be impressed by the culture and ethos of the school. It is a place in which all people are respected and where we work as a team to ensure that our children get the very best education that we can provide.

Mrs Margaret Leach

School Principal


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