Grade 3/4

Welcome to year 3/4 2021 at Meadow Heights Primary. We are very excited about the year ahead!


This Xuno app is the best way to contact the 3/4 teaching team but you are also welcome to email us if you prefer. The contact details for each teacher: 


Term 2





Term 1

The following is a brief overview of term 1. We have lots of fantastic and engaging learning planned for our 3/4 students. We are excited to grow and learn together in 2021!


Our teaching and learning in term 1 will cover literacy, numeracy, share, e-learning, and specialists. With a focus on students strengthening their independence and abilities across all subject areas.


In week 6 we have a ‘meet the teacher’ evening. We are really looking forward to meeting you! This is a time where we can talk about how your child is settling into the classroom and discuss any issues or concerns you may have.


Another exciting part of term 1 in year 3/4 is the introduction of laptops into the classroom! This will provide the opportunity for students to develop and expand their capacity for e-learning and prepare them for the digital future.


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3/4 Teaching Team


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