Grade 3/4

Welcome to Term 2.

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Term 2! The children have come back to school and are ready for learning. They have displayed enthusiasm about what is ahead in term 2. The students have been preparing for their first NAPLAN assessment. NAPLAN will take place in week 4 and week 5. Good Luck to our grade 3 students.

Term 2 Overview.
Reading: The focus for reading will be summarising, analysing and inferring.

Numeracy: The units of work in Numeracy will be, Subtraction and Time.

Writing: In writing, the students will be learning about, narrative, persuasive and explanation writing.

Spelling: As a team we have decided to focus on differentiation across all grade 3/4 to target your child’s spieling needs.

Inquiry: Our inquiry unit for term 2, “What is our place in space”.

The learning outcomes are:

  • They describe the relationship between day and night and the rotation of the earth.
  • Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes, including night and day.

Parent, Teacher Meetings

Parent, Teacher Meetings will take place in early term 3. As in previous years, we will be holding our PTMs, attended by the teacher, the students and their parents/ guardians. This is an important opportunity for your child to share their learning. This also allows the teacher to share important information and answer any questions you may have about your child’s education.

Warm Regards 3/4 Team

Linda Starr, Jodi Lang, Rosie Kovacevic, Michael Pace and Kelly Oconnell.


Welcome Back - To Term 1 2019!

Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome back to the 2019 academic year. The 3 / 4 Team are looking forward to a rewarding and productive year helping your children to be the best they can be. Even though it is early days, it is great to see the students’ individual personalities showing through and their enthusiasm for learning is already shining in the classroom. We have spent the first few weeks establishing a positive learning environment through exploring the Start-up Program.  Our goal for this year is to help each and everyone reach their potential, and setting the framework for a collaborative and successful year.

The level staff would like to extend a warm welcome to all families in the grade 3/4 area.

The teaching staff for this year are:

Kelly O’Connell   3/4 A                        Jodi Lang 3/4 B             Linda Starr 3/4 C

Rosie Kovacevic 3/4 D                         Michael Pace 3/4 E


Term Overview:

The staff have lots of fantastic learning planned for the level 3/4 students. The following is an overview.

Start-Up Program

Our ‘Start-Up and Share’ unit will allow the students to discover how they learn best and set up the yearly routines, as well as learning how to work together as a classroom unit. The unit provides activities that see the children reflect upon their strengths and what makes them individuals. We are focussing on helping the students develop and maintain a growth mindset, so that they understand that with persistence all of them can embrace challenges and improve achievement.


In Reading, the students will learn about ‘Just Right’ books, predicting and using prior knowledge to ask and answer questions with the texts they are reading. During Writing sessions, students will be focussing on the text types of Reflective Recount writing. We will be revisiting the fundamentals of vocabulary, sentences, grammar, spelling, punctuation and editing.  The children will be given many opportunities to practise their oral speaking skills through daily activities and the presentation of their work to their peers during reflection.


In Mathematics, we will begin by laying the foundations for a successful year be revisiting and extending students’ knowledge of place value, followed by the four operations.


The Inquiry unit for this term is a History based unit called ‘Learning to Learn How We Organise Ourselves’. Although it has predominantly a humanities focus, it will be integrated across other areas of the curriculum where applicable.  The focus for this unit includes:

- Many people see heroes as people who make a positive difference to other people’s lives.

- We can all be heroes by making a positive difference at home, school and the community.

- Throughout Australia’s history there have been people regarded as heroes both celebrated and unsung.

Homework Requirements and Expectations

In Grade 3 and 4 all students receive weekly homework. The homework is thoroughly explained and allocated to the students each Monday and is due back to school on Friday.


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