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You are also welcome to email us if you prefer. The contact details for each teacher:


3/4A - Jodi Lang - 

3/4B - Adam Torchia - 

3/4C - Anna Bell - 

3/4D - Anna Pirro - 

3/4E - Jane Parkin - 


Team Newsletters:

Edition 1 - Term 1 Week 5

Edition 2 - Term 1 Week 11

Edition 3 - Term 2 Week 5



Term 1


The following is a brief overview of term 1. We have lots of fantastic and engaging learning planned for our 3/4 students. We are excited to grow and learn together in 2022!


Our teaching and learning in term 1 will cover start up, literacy (Narratives, independent reading, choosing a just right book and library), numeracy (Place Value and thinking about maths), share, e-learning, and specialists. With a focus on students strengthening their independence and abilities across all subject areas.


In week 6 we have a Parent Teacher Meeting and we are really looking forward to meeting you! This is a time where we can talk about how your child is settling into the classroom and discuss any issues or concerns you may have.


Please make sure you are on Xuno and send a friendly message to your child’s teacher.


Another exciting part of term 1 in year 3/4 is an incursion on Wednesday 15th March about cyber-safety. This will provide the opportunity for students to develop and expand their capacity for e-learning and prepare them for the digital future.


Kind Regards,

3/4 Teaching Team



Term 2


Welcome to term 2 and what a busy shorter term, term 2 is! We have our 3/4 students learning about the following this term:


Our Inquiry unit is “Where do we live?” looking at our state Victoria and comparing us to two other cities around the world in Brazil and South Africa. In literacy we are learning how to write persuasive texts and then through our inquiry, Information Reports. Numeracy, we are learning about 2D shapes and 3D objects, followed by time. Our specialist remains and so does share and e-learning. In P.E, we are currently part-taking in a gymnastics program which all our students are enjoying the challenges of core strength and balancing. The grade 3’s have had their NAPLAN tests in week 3 and 4 on writing, reading, language conventions and numeracy.


In week 9 we have our Parent Teacher Meetings and we are really looking forward to discussing your child’s semester one progress.


Please make sure you send a Xuno message to your child’s teacher if they are away.


Kind regards,

Ms Lang (A), Mr Torchia (B), Mrs Bell (C), Ms Pirro (D) & Ms Parkin (E) - 3/4 Teaching Team


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