School Profile

Meadow Heights is a school of which its community is proud.


At Meadow Heights Primary School we believe in providing a secure learning environment that inspires and challenges students to reach their full potential. We aim to enable students to grow as responsible and respectful individuals who can make a positive contribution to the community. 


Our MANTRA is Achieving the potential of all learners.


Our Values are:



Be responsible

Responsible for your behaviour, be trusted and show common sense.


Be excellent

Set a high standard and always trying to do the best you can.


Be respectful

Showing care and consideration for the feelings, rights or needs of others.


Be proud

Being proud of who you are and what you do, having a sense of belonging to the MHPS Community.

There has been much discussion and thought given to our values and we aim to make our values “live” everyday.


Meadow Heights Primary School was established in 1992. It is situated 4 kilometers north of Broadmeadows on over three hectares of attractively landscaped grounds. The school grounds feature several designated grass play areas, basketball courts, large, open courtyard and covered playground areas.


The school services a community representative of a diverse socio-economic and multicultural background. It has successfully met the challenges of its very diverse community and enjoys high parent approval.


The school is equipped with modern classrooms, an Early Learning Centre, a functional Performing Arts Room, Visual Arts Room, Library and Gymnasium and Media Centre.  In this way the children are able to develop intellectually, physically, perceptually and socially. The provision of playground equipment and shaded play areas complement the aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.


The importance of home/school partnerships is an integral part of the school learning program. Our practice has been to celebrate the participation of parents through a number of forums, which primarily include School Council, The Community Hub, classroom assistance, and parent in-service programs.


The school currently provides additional programs that cater for a variety of needs including:-

  • English as an Additional Language
  • STEM program
  • Music Program
  • The Arts Program
  • Turkish LOTE Program
  • School Camping Program
  • Interschool Sports Program
  • Students with Additional Needs Program


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