Sun Smart

Meadow Heights Primary School is a 'Sun Smart' school.

Legionnaire or broad brimmed school hats MUST be worn by students during Term 1.  New Prep students will be given a Legionnaire hat FREE.


Students who do not have a school hat can purchase one from the office. Legionnaire - $6, Broad Brimmed- $9.

Parents, please make sure your child's name is on their hat so we can return it to them if they lose it.

With higher UV levels from September onwards it is important to use a combination of sun-protection measures to minimise the risk of skin and eye damage and skin cancer.

Between 1 SEPTEMBER TO 30 APRIL when outdoor at MHPS it is COMPULSORY, that staff and students wear appropriate clothing that covers as much skin as possible and a wide-brimmed hat or legionnaire cap to protect the head, face, neck and ears. Staff and students should also apply SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen, use shade whenever possible and if practical, sunglasses should also be worn.

Students without appropriate hats must sit in the shade in the main courtyard during their breaks, NO HAT! NO PLAY! NO SUN! MHPS appreciates your support in our efforts to encourage your child about the importance of being SunSmart. MHPS legionnaire cap or wide-brimmed hats can be purchased at the school office for $6 or $9


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