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Team Newsletters:

Edition 1 - Term 1 Week 5

Edition 2 - Term 1 Week 11

Edition 3 - Term 2 Week 6



Term 2


Dear parents and carers,

Welcome to the second term for 2022. During this term students from the grade 5/6 cohort will be undertaking activities including winter sports gala day, a whole school performance incursion that highlights student wellbeing and cyber-safety, cross country day and a physical strengthening & body coordination unit where students use gymnastics equipment to develop complex movements, body balance and self-confidence. We will also be assessing students for their reports which they will receive at the end of term. Parents will be able to discuss their child’s progress during a scheduled meeting with their teacher. This is also an exciting term for our grade 6 cohort who will begin the process of transition from primary to secondary school.



READING: With a link to the Writing and Inquiry Topic’s Grade 5/6 Students have been learning to summarise, synthesise, critique and analyse different persuasive texts and answer comprehension questions. During sessions students are not only working on their reading skills but also are given the opportunity in having fun with reading by completing Reading Eggs online activities and Guided Reading Groups.


WRITING: For our writing sessions, Grade 5/6 Students have been learning about writing a persuasive text by having a position statement on a certain topic, arguing with evidence and convincing readers to agree with their point of view. Students have been presented with different materials illustrating persuasive techniques and have had the experience of even writing why they should be chosen president. The use of emotive language and a close focus on grammar and punctuation has been an important part of students editing their writing pieces.



Our focus for numeracy this term will be multiplication and division as well as studying 2D and 3D shapes and angles, time and finish the term with perimeter and area. We will also be focussing on the four operations for our 4-step problem solving focus.

  1. What do I know about the problem?
  2. What do I need to find out?
  3. What strategies can I use?
  4. How can I check my answer?


Grade 5/6 students have started their new Inquiry topic, democracy. This topic has sparked a lot of interest with students and there has been many wonderings. Students have been given the opportunity to understand what a democratic society means, Australia as a democratic country and information about the reason in why citizens vote. This content has been supported by the upcoming elections. Students have been informed about the elections, why we vote and what is involved around the election process.



Throughout term 2 students will continue to focus on our school values and develop independent strengths that help them become adaptable and persistent when faced with challenging situations. We will also be looking at time management and accountability for actions to ensure each student to ensure each student develops a responsibility for their actions and the choices they make both in and out of school.



This term we are looking at digital systems and how computers and digital platforms work.

Students will be learning about the evolution of computers as well as unpacking how technology can assist us in our daily lives.



Each Friday students will be training in a variety of winter sports including Netball, Soccer and Aussie Rules football to compete in a gala day against schools around the district. Students not involved in interschool sport will be undertaking other curricular activities at school.



Parent teacher meetings will also take place toward the later part of this term after students receive their semester 1 report. This will be a chance for parents to review their child’s learning from semester 1 and have a discussion with teachers about future learning goals for their child.


Warm regards the grade 5/6 team





Dear parents and carers,

We would like to extend a warm welcome back to Meadow Heights after what has been a challenging few years of remote learning. Students are enthusiastic about seeing their friends and creating lasting relationships along their learning journey. Activities this term include Interschool sports, first-aid training from St John ambulance, a circus challenge team building experience as part of SHARE, and then of course camp at the end of term. This is also a very exciting term as there will be elections for two school captains with our house captains and vice-captains representing junior school council. Students are reminded they must wear a hat at recess and lunchtime as we are a sun-smart school.


ENGLISH  INDEPENDENT READING: Students learn the ritual, routines and schedules of their reading workshop so they can share their thinking, build their reading stamina and develop good listening habits to help them do their best thinking and learning.

WRITING: Students will build a love of writing and understand the importance of writing as a daily activity that strengthen and improves all aspects of lives. Students will use a writing journal as a tool for collecting ideas about themselves and the world around them and build a variety of entries.

 In numeracy students will be revisiting Place value with an emphasis of extending knowledge of 3 digit numbers to millions. Students will also be immersed in open-ended problem solving activities and learn the four step process of problem solving.

CYBER SAFETY PROGRAM: Students will be working through a series of lessons focused on how to be cyber safe on the internet. We will be looking at a number of issues related to cyber bullying, Cyber smart rules and rules for safe handling of ICT equipment at school.



Building a Positive Community; Revisit the school matrix and expectations. Teachers are committed to developing proud, respectful, responsible and successful learners by promoting a stimulating , positive and inclusive environment. Students will be involved in units of work which provide knowledge and skill building required by all students for life long learning and social development.


Every Friday students will be involved in a variety of Summer sports such as T’Ball, Cricket, Volleyball and Basketball. Students not involved in interschool sport will be participating in other curricular activities at school.


Week 11

Monday 4th – Wednesday 6th April  - Mill Valley Ranch



Meet and greet your child’s new grade 5/6 teacher. Meetings will take place during term 1. This is an important opportunity for your child to share their learning. This also allows the teacher to share important information and answer any questions you may have have about your child.


Warm Regards the Grade 5/6 Team






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