Grade 5/6

Welcome to 2019

Our teachers for this year are;

Joe LaMattina - Room 7
Jasmin Povolo/Dominique Delaney - Room 8
Daniel Knox - Room 9
Rose Pennini - Room 10 (Team leader)
Andreas Jordanidis - Room 11
Erin Webb/Sue Anderson - Room 12

Term 1

This term our numeracy focus will be on number sense and place value. For our writing unit this term we will be learning to write an autobiography which is also linked to our 'I am eleven' inquiry topic. This is a series of short films produced by Genevieve Bailey focussed on interviewing eleven year olds from all over the world. Our term one interschool sport program consists of volleyball, basketball, cricket and softball. The focus for digital technology sessions will be cyber-safety and concludes with a presentation by Victoria Police during week nine. We conclude our term with a school camp for three days to Mt Moreton.


Term 2

As part of our digital technology focus we will be undertaking a weekly robot building class with Melbourne City FC. Our interschool sports this term will be soccer and teeball and there will be rotation activities such as hip-hop dancing for our non-interschool sports students. Our writing focus will include narrative and persuasive texts as we prepare ourselves for NAPLAN, followed by students producing information reports.

Our reading focus will include literacy circles as well as building our field knowledge on extreme weather with an excursion to the Melbourne museum and IMAX cinema. For numeracy we will focus on unpacking, representing and solving written problems using addition, subtraction and multiplication. We will also be learning about time and using strategies to help us problem solve. Our inquiry design topic will also incorporate an inventor incursion where students can explore, design and construct their own inventions.


Welcome to term 3!

It's half way through the year and we have a very busy schedule in grade 5/6. We are looking forward to battling it out between classes in the Class Cup. This will run throughout the term with classes challenging each other in games of skill such as kickball, battleball and capture the flag. Students will be participating in a parliamentary process incursion where they unpack the process of how a legislation is passes through parliament. We have the Imagineering incursion, this involves a series of speakers from different occupations sharing their career experiences. Speakers include Jodie and Peter from Victoria Police and Nicky from the Matilda's football squad, there is also a session on creating online games.

Our literacy focus will consist of unpacking themes, plots and characters as we write our own book reviews and continue our roles throughout our Reader's workshops. We will be learning about fractions, decimals and percentages in numeracy as well as our problem-solving, reasoning and understanding of numerical systems and values.  Students will be heading to the media centre for a very interesting rendition of 'The Tortoise and the Hare.' We will also have our students involved in regional sports finals including the girl's basketball and soccer teams as well as athletics. Finally we will be finishing the last two weeks of term with swimming lessons and Broadmeadows indoor pool. Have a great term everybody!


Term 4

We have a huge term ahead of us in 5/6. We will be finishing up the class cup for Friday sport, enjoying a visit to LaTrobe university for inquiry, and preparing for both the grade 6 graduation and the end of year school concert. For literacy we will be completing our book reviews and finishing up Reader's workshop as well as analysing figurative language through poetry. Our numeracy focus will be on location, area and volume and capacity as well as problem solving and revising strategies we have studied through the year. We have also been busy preparing our grade 6 students for the transition to secondary school and later in the term they will attend an orientation day at their assigned school. Finally we finish 2019 with something the students look forward to every year, an excursion to Luna park in St Kilda.

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