Grade 5/6



Term One


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back to Meadow Heights for a productive and exciting 2023! The team are thrilled to welcome the students back into classrooms and are eager to begin the learning journey with a collection of fun incursions and excursions throughout Term One.

The students will be completing a first-aid course under the supervision of St Johns Ambulance, completing a team-building circus challenge and competing in interschool sports. In an exciting conclusion to the term, the students will be invited to attend this year’s school camp which is set to be held at Philip Island.

This term, students will also be voting to select their school and house captains for the year and making the most of every opportunity to provide role models for other students in the school.



Students in years Five and Six will be learning narrative conventions and persuasive writing alongside sentence structure and grammar. In Reader’s workshop, students will be refining comprehension strategies including predicting, summarising and inferring, while selecting ‘just right’ books through the school’s independent reading program.



In mathematics, students will be completing the Start-up program aimed at preparing students to expand mathematical thinking and acknowledge the importance and applications of mathematics in the world. Students will then move into mathematical concepts including place value, addition, and subtraction with opportunities to enact critical thinking and problem solving.



SHARE is our personal and social capabilities unit, through which we educate the students on the school values and strategies to improve mental and physical wellbeing. This term we will be focusing on the value of respect, building personal resilience and educating the students on what constitutes bullying and how to address it.



Kind regards,


The 5/6 team:

Michael Pace, Nilay Isdar, Pina Caruso and Jodi Lang.


Term Two


Dear Parents and Carers,


It has been fantastic to welcome the students back to an exciting and jam-packed Term Two! The students have enjoyed several unique experiences and have applied their learning through a number of interactive forums outside of the classroom.

The students particularly enjoyed our cyber-safety incursion through which they learned the importance of protecting personal details and navigating social media, while the Imagineering program continues to expose students to future education and vocational possibilities.

Additionally, we look forward to welcoming parents to our upcoming Education Week Parent Day, which will see all parents invited into the classroom to observe the Imagineering program in practice and enjoy an afternoon tea with presenters and teaching staff.

In a few short weeks, we will be sending our representative sports teams to the Interschool Sport Gala Day to participate in Netball, Soccer and AFL tournaments with schools from the local area. Our teams have been training very hard and no doubt look forward to representing our school with pride.


Werribee Zoo Excursion

This month, we brought the students to Werribee Zoo to assist with our Inquiry topic ‘Sustaining life on earth’. The students observed a multitude of different animals in recreated habitats and were able to participate in learning workshops focusing on animal adaptations and classifying various animals as predator or prey.


Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parents and carers will be invited to parent-teacher meetings on the 21st of June. Please ensure you select a time using the Compass app.

Important dates:

  • 12th June King’s Birthday Holiday
  • 21st June Parent Teacher Meetings


Kind regards,


The 5/6 team:

Michael Pace, Nilay Isdar, Pina Caruso and Jodi Lang.




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