Meadow Heights Primary School is part of a growing community situated amid a rapidly expanding housing estate north of Broadmeadows. The school enjoys the advantages of a community with wide diversity in the cultural and socio-economic background of its residents.


The school opened in 1992 and since then has worked with over 4000 students and 270 staff.

Meadow Heights Primary School provides a secure, harmonious, stimulating environment that will harness the special qualities that different members of the learning community may contribute. The school prides itself in being able to meet the educational challenges facing school communities in an era of rapidly changing times. The School's Policies and Programs are based on the belief that all students can progress successfully through school, providing that appropriate learning programs are put in place. The school currently provides additional programs that cater for a variety of needs. 


It is through the notion of collaborative representation that teachers are able to work cooperatively in teams and be responsible for the professional delivery of a high quality education to all children through a whole school approach to child centered teaching and learning strategies.



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