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Term 1 –

Grade 3/4 

Students begin the school year with collecting data for 4 skills sets: overarm throwing, hand-eye coordination, rebound catching and running.  These activities will be conducted again later in the year to track progress. 

Kanga Cricket is the first Sport the students explore.  This is an age-appropriate modified game of cricket.  The main focuses are two hand strike and overarm throw.  

Following Kanga Cricket, students will familiarise themselves with dodgeball.  Students rely on skills of footwork, catching and throwing with a ‘sling’ action. 


Grade 5/6 

Students start the year recording results for 4 skill sets: overarm throwing, catching, basketball shots and running.  Later in the year they will do the same activities to record successes.  

Tee-ball/cricket are the first sports student's practice.  Other than learning the correct throwing and catching techniques, they learn to play the game. 

Grade 5/6 students also begin interschool sport competition.  Meadow Heights PS play other school Friday mornings against other schools in the Greenvale area.  The Summer sports offered for our students are volleyball, cricket, tee-ball and basketball.   

Those students who were not involved in Interschool, get involved in a Basketball clinic run by SEDA (Sporting VCAL Secondary School).   


Term 2 – 

Grade 3/4 

Students start the term with a physical strengthening & a body coordination unit.  Students develop complex movements, body balance and self-confidence by using gymnastics equipment. They will get familiar with learning the techniques of movements such as doing cartwheels, rolling, jumping, landing correctly, holding & balancing body weight. 

Athletics (track & field events) try outs will commence later in the term.  Students will get their first opportunity to compete in sport against other schools for competition next term.   


Grade 5/6 

Similarly, to the 3/4 students, the 5/6’s will also complete a physical strengthening & body coordination unit.  Using gymnastics equipment students develop complex movements, body balance and self-confidence. 

Track & field athletics try outs to follow.  Students will get their first opportunity to compete in sport against other schools. 

Grade 5/6 students will compete in the winter interschool sports (soccer, netball and AFL) with other schools.   

Those students who were not involved in Interschool, take part in a netball clinic run by SEDA (Sporting VCAL Secondary School).   



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