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Term 3


Greenvale District Athletics Competition.


Friday 12th Aug, selected students have been given the opportunity to represent the school and Track field events at Meadowglen Athletics track in Epping.  Student were chosen from Phys Ed lessons that were completed in Term 1 for all Grade 3/4 & 5/6.  Athletics have been cancelled through COVID years so it is very exciting to have the competition back running.  The winners and runners up of events will qualify to the Woodlands Division Track and Field Finals held in September.  Best of luck to those participating.


Term 3 Swimming Program


Meadow Heights Primary School is so happy to announce the return of the 2 week Water Safety Program at the end of term 3.  All students are eligible to participate in the program at Broadmeadows Aquatic Centre.  There are limited spaces and so be sure to ask your child if they have received the notes that will come out around the middle of the term.  



Overall Curriculum Focus for Physical Education


Prep (Foundation) 

Students are eased into Physical Education setting beginning with Perceptual Motion Program giving students the opportunity to consolidate and refine their gross motor and locomotive movements (running, walking, balancing and hand/foot coordination), as well as learn and practice fundamental motor skills (skipping, galloping, leaping, rolling, etc).  It is also important to get familiar with learning outside the classroom setting, a large indoor space (Gymnasium) and the outdoor spaces (Courts).  Spatial awareness and distancing from each other is another focus area during the beginning of the year. 


Grade 1/2 

Students revisit fundamental motor skills (skipping, galloping, leaping, hopping etc.) with the inclusion of object control skills (bouncing, catching, throwing and kicking).  These skills are also introduced in practice drills like scenario and at times gameplay application.   



Grade 3/4 

Students now use their knowledge of Fundamental motor skills and apply them in sporting like gameplay.  They are now introduced to different types of Sporting games; Invasion or territory, Target, Net/Court or Strike and fielding sports.   

These students have the first chance to represent their school in sports competition with Cross Country. 

Gymnastics will also be a unit of work students get involved with during this semester.   


Grade 5/6 

Students develop further or consolidate their skills in the different types of Sporting games; Invasion or territory, Target, Net/Court or Strike and fielding sports.  They get the opportunity to participate in school sport competition.  Interschool School Sports Competition try outs are held for summer sports.  Meadow Heights PS play against other schools in the Greenvale area.  The Summer sports offered for our students are Volleyball, Cricket, Teeball and Basketball.   




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