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Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th October


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Welcome Grade 6 Graduates of 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to the new school year. The children have come back to school and are ready for learning and enthusiastic about what is ahead in Term 1 and the remainder of 2021. Grade 6 this year will be a very special year as the students will embark on new learning journeys and memorable times.



Term 3 Overview 

ENGLISH:   For reading we have been using our inquiry focus of science to develop our reading skills in researching, summarising, paraphrasing and inferring. In writing we are learning how to write a scientific experiment with a focus on using the correct tense, editing skills and using conjunctions to create cause and effect complex sentences. A Fair Test Report.  

1.Writers Notebook – enables students to pick a seed (usually a picture, photo) to use to prompt their independent writing. 

2.Independent reading – enabling students to read genres of their choice and build their reading stamina. 

3.Literacy Circles - enables students to develop reading comprehension strategies with a focus using levelled texts. 

NUMERACY: This term students are learning about telling the time in am/pm to 24 hours, interpreting calendars and calculating elapsed time. We will also focus on angles, measurements and statistics. Followed by fractions, percentages and decimals.  

INQUIRY: Our focus this term for inquiry will be science. Students cover the main branches of science and develop their skills of questioning, hypothesising, observing, recording and analysing. In physics students learn about how light behaves and that it is a form of energy that can be transferred or transformed into another form of energy. In Chemistry students explore how different states of matter can be changed depending on conditions such as increasing or decreasing temperature. In biology they learn that living things are affected by their environment and also have evolved physical and behaviour adaptations to help them survive. 


SCHOOL WIDE POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR PROGRAM:  Our work in SHARE this term will explore and discuss behaviours that demonstrate sensitivity to individual, social, and cultural differences. We will be defining and recognising examples of stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice and discuss how they impact on the individual. We will also discuss what stereotypes are and give examples of stereotyping. Finally, we will be describing the characteristics of respectful relationships and suggesting ways that respectful relationships can be achieved.   



Unfortunately, interschool sport has been cancelled due to the ongoing state restriction, however the time that students will spend at school will deliver the opportunity to develop teamwork and communication skills through activities, such as capture the flag and battle ball. 

SCIENCE INCURSION: Again, sadly we cannot have a physical excursion, however Science Works have been able to offer an online incursion through zoom, a virtual experience that will take us on a journey through time and space to distant worlds and stars of the universe. 



Meetings from term 2 were postponed due to the lockdown and were conducted remotely via WebEx in the beginning of term 3. 




Term 2 Overview 

ENGLISH:  The students will be engaging in various text structures and strategies. 1.Independent reading – enabling students to read genres of their choice and build their reading stamina 

2.Literacy Circles - enables students to develop reading comprehension strategies with a focus using levelled texts.  

3.Students used the language of explaining to present a written piece on the 

impact of colonisation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. They learnt about effective persuasive language techniques in order to show their stance on a current democratic issue 

NUMERACY: This term students are learning about the 4 processes in mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will investigate efficient strategies to calculate problems in these areas. We will be conducting an investigation project in the area of Statistics and Probability. 

INQUIRY: Our focus this term for inquiry will be History of Australia and Government and Democracy.This History unit covers a range of concepts relating to the stories of the First Fleet; including reasons for the journey, who travelled to Australia, their experiences following arrival and the impact colonisation had on Indigenous Australians. Government and Democracy will investigate what democracy is and how people can participate in it. We will look at the three levels of Government in Australia. 

SCHOOL WIDE POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR PROGRAM:   In term 2 in SHARE we will be learning about what characteristics students admire in other people, who are their heroes and what makes people successful. We will identify and discuss personal strengths and set goals to improve areas of need. We will discuss strengths and success in relation to building resilience. 


INTERSCHOOL SPORT:  This term interschool sport will include AFL, Soccer and Netball. Interschool sport is a great chance for our students to compete against other schools and helps them build teamwork skills and respect for each other.  


INCURSION:  The VEC will come out to conduct a mock election with the students to help them learn about how democracy works in Australia. The students will be asked to decide on issues that matter to them, argue their point of view and vote. The students then count the votes and the winning issue is based on preferential system we use in Australia. 



Meetings will be conducted for the end of semester 1 and will be a great chance to check in with parents to see how their children are going.  



Term 1 Overview

 INDEPENDENT READING; Students learn the ritual, routines and schedules of their reading workshop so they can share their thinking, build their reading stamina and develop good listening habits to help them do their best thinking and learning.

WRITING; Writing Journals; Students will build a love of writing and understand the importance of writing as a daily activity that strengthen and improves all aspects of lives. Students will use a writing journal as a tool for collecting ideas about themselves and the world around them and build a variety of entries.

 In numeracy students will be revisiting Place value with an emphasis of extending childrens knowledge of 3 digit numbers to millions. Students will also be immersed in open ended problem solving activities and learn the process when problem solving.

CYBER SAFETY PROGRAM; Students will be working through a series of lessons focused on how to be cyber safe on the internet. We will be looking at a number of issues related to cyber bullying, Cyber smart rules and rules for safe handling of ICT equipment at school.



Building a Positive Community; Revisit the school matrix and expectations. Teachers are committed to developing proud,respectful, responsible and successful learners by promoting a stimulating , positive and inclusive environment. Students will be involved in units of work which provide knowledge and skill building required by all students for life long learning and social development.


Every Friday students will be involved in a variety of Summer sports such as T’Ball, Cricket, Volleyball and Basketball this term. Students not involved in interschool sport will be participating in other curricular activities at school.

Phillip Island Camp
Monday 29th – Wednesday 31st March 2021



Meet and Greet your child’s new grade 6 teacher. Meetings will take place through out the year. This is an important opportunity for your child to share their learning. This also allows the teacher to share important information and answer any questions you may have have about your child.

Warm Regards the Grade 6 Team

Pina Caruso, Susan Anderson & Ivan Bromilow.




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