Report an Absence

Meadow Heights PS Absentee Form

 Truancy (Parent knows about absence, but doesn’t approve, or parent doesn’t know about absence)

 Parent Choice (Parent explained, with a reason that is not health/religious/cultural/holiday related, includes special circumstances, unavoidable cause, unforeseen circumstances, family member ill)

 Family Holiday (Student is away on a family holiday)

 Religious/Cultural Observance (Student is kept away from school for a religious or cultural reason)

 Illness/Medical (Student is not at school due to illness)

 Dentist (Includes dentist, orthodontist or similar)

 Bereavement (Includes funeral, death in the family, absence due to a death)

In clicking “Submit” you understand, certify and accept that you are a listed parent/guardian for this child; and the information above is correct; and this online approval does NOT constitute a medical certificate.  Any fraudulent action or intentional misuse of this feature may result in administrative, criminal and/or civil action against you (by your registered school, affiliated entities and/or the product issuer).


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