Visual & Media Arts

At Meadow Heights Primary School students explore how and why artists create art. They develop their skills through a variety of art applications that include drawing, painting, construction, ceramics and textiles.

As the students learn new skills they will develop their own creative voice and express this in their art works by looking at an array of cultures, times and locations.

Students will apply the Elements of Arts and Principals of Design to enhance their creations. They will also learn from the masters that include for grades 3 & 4 Kandinsky, Van Gough, Picasso and a variety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Grades 5 & 6 will look at Milhazes, Worhol, Klimt and also a series of Aboriginal and Indigenous artists.

Students will extend their knowledge of media technologies and manipulate images, sounds and text. They will plan, create and present their stories by using different apps, techniques and processes. They will learn how to communicate ideas to an audience.


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