Environmental Action Captains

Welcome to the Meadow Heights Environment Page. Here we will keep you up-to-date with all the important things that are happening at Meadow Heights Primary School.

The first order of business is to introduce our new Enviro journalists: Beyza and Zehra. They will be updating us all with goings on at Meadow Heights with a regular column, both in the newsletter and the school website called "Garden Gossip". Here is their first article!


Garden gossip!


Hello! Our names are Zehra and Beyza, and we are the environment journalists for 2016. We are very thankful to have been chosen to be your environment journalists this year. We are in year 5 and will be informing you on what’s happening in Meadow Heights Primary School’s gardens.


Clean up Australia day

On Friday the 11th of March we had clean up Australia day at Meadow Heights Primary School. It was a huge success!! Every year level had to clean up an area of the school grounds. We would like to encourage everyone to look after our school.


Waste wise Wednesday

Just a reminder that every Wednesday is Waste wise Wednesday. TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME! But to prevent that lessen the amount of rubbish you take to school every day.

By the Garden Gossip Girls!



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