Grade 5

Term 4 Overview

Reading: The focus for reading will be using different comprehension strategies and developing an understanding of Literature Circle roles.   

Numeracy: The units of work in Numeracy will be Financial Matters, Statistics and Probability and Number and Algebra.

Writing: In writing, the students will be learning to write narratives using phases and targeted drafting. The students will be investigating the features of different Persuasive texts and will be writing persuasive ads based on our Inquiry topic.

Inquiry: Our inquiry unit for term 4, “The Potential for tomorrow depends on what we do today?

  • Sustainability.
  • Impact on the world around us (Geography)
  • Business and Enterprise

Welcome to Term 1 2020

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school and we are so excited for Term 1 in 2020! The children have come back to school and are ready for learning. They have displayed enthusiasm about what is ahead in term 1. The students have wear their hats in term 1, as we are a Sun Smart School.

Good Luck to all students in grade 5 in term 1.


Reminder for All Families

We use FleiBuzz as a whole school communication tool. Most notices and reminders are posted on Flexibuzz and the school newsletter. Flexibuzz is also used during the year as a way of communicating about excursions and important events. If you are not already signed up please contact the office and they will provide you with details of how to do so.



Term 1 Overview

Reading: The focus for reading will be setting up Independent Reading, Just Right Books and using comprehension strategies to show their understanding.   

Numeracy: The units of work in Numeracy will be, Place Value and Addition.

Writing: In writing, the students will be learning about a sizzling starters and narratives. The focus will be for students to write a sizzling start with descriptive language to engage and hook their readers.

Inquiry: Our inquiry unit for term 1, “Different Perspectives/Change & Continuity”

The learning outcomes are:

  • Migration and Reasons for migration.
  • Different perspectives on history.
  • Values and beliefs might vary.
  • Connections between cultural norms, lifestyles, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs.


We are learning about Cyber-Safety in ELearning. For examples,

  • Acceptable use of Digital Technologies Code of Conduct
  • Finding My Media Balance
  • Safe Internet Day
  • Beyond Gender Stereotypes
  • Digital Friendships
  • Cyberbullying
  • Finding Balance in a Digital

Incursions & Excursions

The staff have lots of fantastic learning planned for the grade 5 students. The following is an overview.

  • Week: 2 first Aid training.
  • Week 9: Wednesday 11th March to Friday 13th March - Camp to Stringybark Lodge, Gembrook.


Homework Policy Meadow Heights Primary School 2020.

Years 4 – 6


Homework should provide opportunities for children to apply new knowledge or to review, revise and reinforce newly acquired skills, such as:


  • Should include daily independent reading, tables & spelling.
  • May include extension of class work, projects and assignments, essays and research and other tasks to a maximum of three class related tasks per week.
  • Allotted homework time is flexible and should not exceed 45 minutes per day if managed efficiently


Parent, Teacher Meetings

Parent, Teacher Meetings will take place in early term 1, week 5. As in previous years, we will be holding our PTMs, attended by the teacher, the students and their parents/ guardians. This is an important opportunity for you to meet and greet to your child’s new teacher for 2020 and share information about their learning. This also allows the teacher to share important information and answer any questions you may have about your child’s education.  

Warm Regards: The Grade 5 Team

Linda Starr, Daniel Knox and Beth McMullin.



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