Grade 1/2

Term 1 2019


Welcome to all our families both returning and those new to Meadow Heights Primary School.


We would like to introduce the Grade 1/2 Team for 2019.


1/2A D21 – Mr Adam Torchia

1/2B D18 – Mrs Sultan Durna

1/2C D17 – Ms Anna Pirro (Team Leader)

1/2D D16 – Miss Nilay Isdar

1/2E D19 – Miss Carolyn Thomson (Mon & Tues) & Mrs Heather Beatty (Wed, Thurs & Fri)

1/2F D20 – Miss Christina Stivala


Start Up


During the first two weeks of term, Grade 1/2 students will be participating in the Start Up program. Throughout this program, students will get to know one another, build positive relationships with their peers and teachers and develop as learners by gaining a deeper understanding of the school values and how they can uphold them.




During reading, students will be learning to make predictions. They will participate in guided reading groups where they will use a range of strategies to help them decode and respond to texts. There will also be a focus on phonemic and phonological awareness.


In writing, students will be exploring the genres of recounts and information texts. They will be learning about sentence structure through the colourful semantics program.




This term in Numeracy, students will be learning about place value where they will participate in a range of activities that will help them to recognise and make numbers. They will also be learning about statistics and probability, where students will describe the chance of events occuring. They will also collect data which students will represent as a graph and interpret the data. Students will also participate in weekly problem solving sessions where they will learn a range of strategies to help them solve written problems.




This term in Inquiry, students will be studying the topic of Who Am I? Throughout this topic, students will explore their cultural backgrounds and where their families have come from.




This term, students will be learning about Cyber Safety.




Students will participate in specialist programs 3 hours a week. This term they will participate in one hour of Performing Arts, LOTE and Physical Education with a specialist teacher.


Home Reading


This term students are encouraged to read their take home books every night to a parent/carer and have their reading journals signed.




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