Grade 1/2

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1/2A Room 16 - Michael Pace - 

1/2B Room 17 - Sultan Durna - 

1/2C Room 18 - Rachel Marks - 

1/2D Room 20 - Leonie Crouch - 

1/2E Room 21 - Joe La Mattina -


Teams Newsletters:

Edition 1 - Term 1 Week 5

Edition 2 - Term 1 Week 11

Edition 3 - Term 2 Week 6


Welcome to Term 1!


The Grade 1/2 team would like to welcome all our families both returning and those new to Meadow Heights Primary School.


Start Up

During the first 5 weeks of term, students will be participating in the Start Up program for 3 hours per week. Throughout this program, students will be learning about building positive relationships with their teachers and peers, whilst also gaining a deeper understanding of the school values and how to uphold them. Upon completion of the Start Up program, students will continue to focus on becoming a community of learners through weekly S.H.A.R.E sessions.


During reading, students will be learning about a number of strategies including making predictions before and during reading and making connections whilst reading. Students will also participate in guided reading groups where they will use strategies to assist them to decode and respond to text. Phonemic and phonological awareness will continue to be a focus.

If you would like to practice your A-Z Jolly Phonics using the song we use in the classrooms, please use this link.

In writing, students will be exploring the genres of recounts, information report and persuasive texts.



Throughout Term 1, students will be leaning about place value where they will participate in a range of activities that will help them to recognise and make numbers. They will also be learning about statistics and probability.



Throughout term 1, students will take part in weekly eLearning sessions where they will learn how to stay safe whilst using digital technology.

Parents are also encouraged to discuss cyber safety with their children. For more information on being cyber safe, parents can follow this link.

Homework and Home Reading

This term, students will be receiving homework in the form of home reading. Students are expected to change their take home books daily and read them every night to a parent/carer and have their log books signed.


This year, students will be participating in 4 hours of specialist classes per week:

  • Turkish LOTE with Mrs Figen
  • The Arts with Mrs Chen
  • Physical Education with Mr Yasunaga
  • STEM with Mrs Menelaou & Mrs Fernandez


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