Parents and Friends

The aim of the Parents and Friends Team at MHPS is to welcome all members of the school community to become involved in making a contribution to the school from working bees to funding raising. At MHPS the Parents and Friends work towards raising money is  to provide extra resources for our school and to fund special projects.  

We welcome all members of our school community to be involved in our Parents and Friends group. 

We meet on an average of once a month which works out around to be about 8 meetings a year. Plus we have special days such as Mother’s Day, Lunch days, Father’s Day and many other days that we require your help. So if you like to meet people and have a laugh leave your contact details at the office so we contact you. All money raised from these events goes back into school to improve the facilities for your children. 

Outline of Year:

Term 1 
School Photos 
Lunch Day 
Easter Raffle
Term 2 
Mother’s Day Stall 
Lunch Day 
Show Bags
Term 3 
Chocolate Drive 
Lunch Day 
Father’s Day Stall
Term 4 
Christmas raffle 
Lunch Day


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