English As An Additional Language

EAL Semester 1 2019

 A warm welcome to our new arrival students and families. At the start of the year we will be doing the Start Up program to develop our social skills and learn how to make friends and keep safe and happy at school.

For literacy we will use the Jolly Phonics Program to learn our letter names/sounds and diagraphs. We will use the Colourful Semantics program to develop our oral language and sentence structure. Furthermore, we will participate in authentic language experiences to develop our vocabulary.

For numeracy we will focus on place value and play games to enhance and engage us whilst learning. We will use concrete materials to support our learning.

For I.C.T we will be focussing on Cyber Safety. We will participate in Hector’s World and use Word to word process.

Our specialists programs will be Library, LOTE, Performing Art and P.E this semester.

Homework will be completed daily and words will be tested weekly. Home readers will be read at home and at school and changed daily.

Looking forward to an exciting semester full of fun and learning with Ms Zainab Assafi supporting students and their families.

EAL teacher and co-ordinator

 Canan Ozcan

EAL Semester 2

With the weather warming up, we look forward to an exciting term in EAL.  In Semester 2 we have had many authentic language experiences where we have helped students develop their language skills necessary to be successful students and members of society. We had many celebrations and farewelled our friends Rania and Anne. We wish them well in their mainstream class. In term 3 we focussed on Australian Animals and learnt how to write a report.  We supported our understanding of Animals by attending the Werribee Zoo.  We were fortunate to have Ms Chen help us understand simple machines and design and make a simple machine. In term 4 we will be focussing on narrative writing and look forward to sharing our books with the prep students.  We will conclude the year with an end of term excursion.

Looking forward to an exciting term with Ms Zainab Assafi supporting new arrival students and their families.

Canan Ozcan



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