The prep team would like to welcome all our new students and their families to Meadow Heights Primary!

Meet the team...
Judy La Motta & Leonie Crouch (Prep A)
Nicole Carmody (Prep B)
Ana Carrondo (Prep C)
Nerissa Fernandez (Prep D)
ES Staff - Joy Henderson, May Mirza, Heba Makhlouf, Nesserine Hayek

Term 1:
It has been an exciting start to the year with students and teachers getting to know each other through our Start Up program. Our classrooms are safe and engaging learning environments where children and valued and encouraged to take risks and have a go. It has been fantastic to see the children settling into classroom routines and enjoying all aspects of school life thus far!

Literacy and Numeracy programs have kick-started with students developing their knowledge and skills through fun, interactive, hands-on learning tasks that cater to a variety of learning styles and abilities. Play is a very important part of our curriculum that allows children to make real-life connections to their learning and encourages communication, team work and oral language. Our S.H.A.R.E. program encourages our students to be positive role models and active members of our school community. We have also been learning about how to be safe online through our Cyber Safety program in term 1. Specialists for this semester include Performing Arts, Physical Education and L.O.T.E. (Turkish).

We have a couple of special events this term that we are eagerly looking forward to... The 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' in Week 4 and a 'Crazy Chemicals' incursion in Week 8.

A busy start to the year with lots more to come!

Term 2:

It has been fantastic to see our prep students settling into school and become more familiar with our school routines. Our hands on, interactive literacy and numeracy programs continue to take place with students becoming more confident in their reading, writing and understanding of numbers.

Our inquiry topic this term is ‘Families’. The children will be learning about the people in their families, how families can be similar and different to each other and what makes their family special. Learning about our families is a great way to build a caring and accepting classroom community.

Our S.H.A.R.E. program focuses on how to be safe and responsible members of our school community. We are also learning to identify, express and manage our emotions. We continue to learn about how to be safe online through our Cybersafety Program and are beginning to explore the basic hardware of computer systems.

Specialists for this semester include Performing Arts, Physical Education and L.O.T.E. (Turkish).

A very busy term indeed!

Term 3:

It is hard to believe our preps are half way through the year already! Term 3 promises to be yet another busy one with lots of exciting learning.

In literacy, the students are continuing to build on their phonological knowledge and awareness through the Jolly Phonics program. We are focussing on making inferences about character’s feeling through non-fiction texts. The students will also be exposed to non-fiction (factual) texts this term and be able to explain the differences between informative and imaginative texts. The ‘Colourful Semantics’ program is helping students build on their vocabulary and grammar.

Our hands on numeracy program will focus on students continuing to develop and consolidate their understanding of place value. Our topics for this term include subtraction, division and measurement.

We are very excited for our inquiry unit this term – ‘Living Things’. Our little scientists have begun to explore our surroundings, looking for living things. They will learn to understand that living things grow and change, have different external features and have the same basic needs for survival. We are very excited to be taking our preps on their very first excursion to the Zoo this term and are also equally excited for the Henny Penny Hatching Program in our classrooms!  This ten day experience will give children the opportunity to watch eggs hatching in a specially designed incubator, and then to observe the hatched chicks at play in a large, clear-sided brooding pen.

Our S.H.A.R.E. program focuses on exploring various emotions we feel and identify strategies to help us cope with these emotions.

We continue to learn about computer systems through eLearning sessions. The students will learn how to log on to our school laptops and learn to use some basic word processing tools.

Specialists for this term include Visual Arts, L.O.T.E (Turkish) and Physical Education.

Term 4:

Throughout the year, our prep students have continued to grow and develop as individuals and as learners. Term 4 promises to be another busy and exciting term.

In inquiry we will be looking at different materials, their properties and how we use materials to make and design different things. We are very keen to explore different materials and be creative in designing things in our ‘Urban Upcycling Incursion’ in Week 4.

Our Digital Technologies component focuses on developing simple algorithms and following simple instructions. The children will be introduced to Bee-Bots and use them to perform a number of different tasks.

Our S.H.A.R.E. program for this term will focus on how to be a good friend, how to communicate with our peers and other basic social skills.

Specialists for this term include Visual Arts, L.O.T.E (Turkish) and Physical Education.

This term the preps will also participate in a Fire Education program run by our local firefighters. This program will aim to educate children about how to be safe and how to respond during emergencies. To celebrate all of our achievements this year, the preps will have an end of year excursion to the Sun Theatre, followed by a picnic lunch. We are also looking forward to performing at our end of year school concert for the very first time!


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